Infra Red Skewer / 紅外線串燒爐

Tired to call warranty for the change of heater of your old electrical heater skewer? Why not use our new Infra Red Skewer? Quick Heat Up, Stable, Reliable and heavy duty, even oil drop on the heater and still works great!
市面上有很多串燒設備, 但都投訴發熱線常常損壞, 需要更換, 何不轉用紅外線串燒爐, 快速, 穩定, 耐用, 就算滴油都唔怕啦!

Pay for a better product and save a lot for warranty
投資更好設備, 省回更多維修費用

  • Entire Stainless Steel / 全不銹鋼製造
  • Stainless Steel Infra Red Heater (Canaidan Made, Heavy Duty, Warranty for 2 years)
  • 加拿大入口不銹鋼紅外線, 高質量, 耐用 (保養2年)
  • Heat Power Could be Adjust / 火力可調較
  • Different Size for you selection / 備不同尺寸選擇
  • Carry In Warranty for 1 Year / 一年自攜保護



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