Infra Red Oven / 紅外線焗爐


1. Introduction / 簡介

Infrared Bakery Oven is doing a good job to give you a quick increasing temperature, warm keeping, simple control and saving energy & safety. It could be use in different works, from bakery to meat cooking and also in medical usage.  It’s your first choice in Bakery Workshop, Restaurant, Café & personal use.

紅外線焗爐升溫快, 保溫好, 容易控制, 省電及安全, 無論用於烘焙糕餅, 加熱肉食或是用於藥材皆宜, 是你於烘焙工場, 餐廳及咖啡店不二之選.

 2. Function Details / 性能

1. Using Infrared technology , could auto warm keeping, adjustment and alarm.

紅外線技術, 可自動保溫, 調溫及設定時間制

2. Individual Level Control (Could use Individual levels to all three level uses)


3. With Double Glass and lighting


4. Temperature adjust within 40 ~ 300℃, with overheat protection device.

溫度可設定於40 ~ 300℃之間, 設超温保護裝置

5. Tray Dimension: L55 mm x W40mm, height for food placing is not higher than 180mm。

盤尺寸: L55 X W40 X 180mm (可放食物高度)




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