Infra Red Roaster / 多功能紅外線燒烤爐


We use Canadian imported Infra Red Tubes (CSA, UL Standard and Approved), heavy duty and do not need any replace in the warranty period

我司採用的不銹鋼遠紅外線管(加拿大進口 : CSA,UL標準及認証) 在保用期內絕對不  會燒壞

Why we go for Infra Red? / 為何要採用遠紅外線燒烤?

IR will heat up the food directly and could go though the surface to heat up both inside and outside at the same time to lock up the juice of the meat, on the other hand, the traditional heater need to heat up the air as a medium to heat up the meat from outside to inside, this process will make the meat dry. (That’s why we could said IR make the meat skin chrispy and taste better)

因紅外線管(IR)的紅外線光是直接照射在物件上,可以鎖住肉汁.  但發熱線靠風力慢慢帶出熱力吹到物件上,並將肉汁收乾(所以用紅外線燒烤會比用發熱線更美味及更快

Example 1, we set IR @ 300℃, 8 ~ 10 mins could heat up the pig skin (The traditional Heater need to set as 320℃ and use up to 20 mins)

例一 : IR設定於300℃約8~10分鐘就可將豬爆皮 (發熱線要320℃約20分鐘才可做到)

Example 2: We make 5 gooses @ HQ 120 1 -5 (Max 10 could make in just 1 time), only <24 units of electric, so just spend HK$2.40 to cook 1 goose.

例二: 以 HQ 120 1-5煮5只鵝 (該型號最多可一次做10只), 只用24度電, 即一只鵝只需HK$2.4

※  Entire Programmable Power and Timer Control / 全自動程式火力及時間控制


※  Rotation & Orbit Turning operation / 轉盆以自轉及公轉式運作


※  Electric will not as hot as gas or charcoal and do better in safty / 使用電力操作, 爐外不會像使用燃氣爐般熱, 安全易用


※  The control box was installed at the side, above of the oven or it’s wall hanged (depends on the environment conditional) / 控制箱可安裝在焗爐的側面, 上面或掛牆式 (按現場環境而定)


※ Air Convection Model Available (Quotation needed) / 備強力對流式運風設計供選擇(使爐內溫度更均勻)(須另報價)


※ Highly heat insolution model available (Quotation needed) / 備高效隔熱型供選擇(須另報價)


※Use IR to save time, power and lasting longer ※


※ 使用IR可做到省時,省電,耐用的效果※